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That time of year again


Bigs thanks to all teams/Captains who have registered to date. Further league details will posted Friday week.

We are looking for 12 teams this year - 6 in each group - Playing Tuesday and Thursday nights 

We have 8 bank teams confirmed to date. 

We are looking for more teams from Bank of Ireland to join us. - please spread the word to any mates in other banks so we get more team involved this year.

Its going to be a big summer for soccer and it looks like a lot of our usual team entrants are heading over the Euro's. 

Given this league is flexible and designed for the players, consideration will be given to delaying the start of the competition until the end of June.  

We will take advantage of the long stretch in the evenings and aim to start the kick off at 7:00 each playing night. kick off time 7, 8 and 9, this will take the pressure off hustling through Dublin traffic.

If interested in getting a team together, please register asap you interest so we have you on the radar.

Chat soon







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