Thursday - Lads, it's a crackin' day for footie - Enjoy



A number of teams were unable to enter the tournament this year due to limited places available.

It is now antipated that a mini Tourneament will be run in August, if interested in playing please get in contact





Thursday 10/05/2012 - All Games on

UCD confirmed at lunch time that the Prestige Astro pitch is still in good condition, the Rugby astro pitch is also available to us if required.

- Bibs will be available for the second game.



03/05/2012 - ALL GAMES ON -11 a side astro pitch at the Clonaskeagh entrance


Games for this Tuesday night only will be played on the new rugby astro pitch beside the 11 a side

Captains please call Tom for a pitch update.. 086 2145222


Tuesday 01/05/2012 - Game on

All games will be played tonight.. according to the rain will ease off later this evening.. best of luck


Changing Facilities

Changing facilities are available for INTERBANKSOCCER players in the UCD sportscentre -


A note from behind the whistle:

Greetings all, and thanks for taking the time to read our note. We are Stephen, Eoghan and Seán, your referees, and we’re delighted to be back again to referee the Interbank league this year.  Last year was a great competition, and it’s our goal to improve the standard of refereeing every year.

As I am sure you all know, it ‘s a difficult task to referee for 3 hours straight, and we’re happy to admit that tiredness and lack of concentration can make things difficult for us. Of course we always do our best and being fair and consistent is our goal. We just wanted to make some general observations that we hope will help everyone to understand our decisions and our approach to this tournament.

All three of us are very well aware of the laws of the game. Our job is obviously to enforce the laws of the game. For the interbank league, we all try to use a bit of discretion to ensure that the games continue to flow. For example, I’m sure you’re all familiar with Law 15 – the throw – in. Just in case you’re not, this law says that at the moment of delivering the ball, the thrower:

- faces the field of play
- has part of each foot either on the touch line or on the ground outside the touch line
- holds the ball with both hands
- delivers the ball from behind and over his head
- delivers the ball from the point where it left the field of play

All opponents must stand no less than 2 m (2 yds) from the point at which the throw-in is taken.

If we strictly enforce this rule every time, we're seen to be fussy and it slows the game a lot. As such we tend to let the ones that are 90% legal go. This obviously can lead to suggestions of inconsistency – we want you all to know that we will make a judgement on these things as best we can. If we think someone has taken an unfair advantage by not following the procedure, we’ll definitely stop it, but if a thrower lets go of the ball a split second too late, we may let it go.

As for the above mentioned hand-ball rule, In the Inter-bank league, players are not as co-ordinated, as professionals, so bear in mind that sometimes even when someone’s hand is ‘away from their body’ as the pundits say,  there can be no intent to the hand-ball. We will give the benefit of the doubt where possible, but again this will be a judgement call by the referee.

Other things that have come up every year include footwear – for the benefit of everyone, please note that we will not allow anyone to play wearing studded boots. Everyone knows what this means, but every year some players try to argue with us over them. Astro trainers are what we would personally recommend, but we’re quite happy to allow players to play in Hush Puppies. Anything that’s safe is OK with us.

That leads us on to another point – shinguards. All of us referees strongly feel that these should be mandatory equipment, but players who choose not to wear them should be aware that an incidental contact to their shin is not necessarily a free kick just because it hurts.

On slide tackles – as you know, slide tackles are not permitted in the Inter-bank league. There is always some question of when a block or a slip becomes a slide. The referees will always do our best to be consistent – the question of intent will be important, but this requires us to make a judgement call every time. Please note that a slide tackle will result in an indirect free kick unless the tackle is also a foul in which case we will award a direct free kick or a penalty as appropriate.

We strongly suggest that all teams get hold of one or two high quality footballs (these usually cost more than a fiver – look for the ‘Fifa approved’ logo) and that they keep them fully inflated. We will use the best footballs available to us for each game, but a poor quality ball can make a game considerably harder to referee.

Finally, please remember that we are always doing our best, and none of the referees have any interest in who wins or loses. We know that you and your players will be respectful and understanding, and we thank you in advance for accepting our decisions without too much complaint.
Thanks for taking the time to read, and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch.

In sport,

Stephen, Eoghan and Sean.


Moulded boots/Shin pads

The League rules now confirm that -

- it is not permitted to wear studded footwear of any kind, including moulded studs."

The arguement has been made for players to wear moulded boots on the UCD 4g pitch.  Given that moulded boots may suit a few talented soccer players outhere, The general and shared view from a number of captains is that studs should be avoided full stop. The competition is all on for competitive games and the player experience, but ultimately the objective is a bit of fun and player safety. Regardless of the arguements for moulded studs they still have the potential to do more damage than astro runners and the last thing any player wants is an injury.

For players who play in other Astro leagues in dublin, you will be familitar with their league rules, the interbanksoccer league rules will be implementated in a similar fashion.

Shin pads are highly recommended for all players but not mandatory due to foreseen enforcement problems ... the wearing of shin pad is at the discretion and common sense of each player..

All players, please review the league rules..




Schedule of referees 

Schedule of referees (subject to change)

Tues   May 1st 6.15-9.15 – Stephen
Thurs  May 3th 6.15-9.15 – Stephen
Tues   May 8th 6.15-9.15 – Eoghan
Thurs  May 10th – 6.15-9.15 – Sean
Tues   May 15th- 6.15-9.15 – Stephen
Thurs  May 18th - 6.15-9.15 – Sean
Tues   May 22nd - 6.15-9.15 – Sean
Thurs  May 25th - 6.15-9.15 – Eoghan
Tues   May 29th - 6.15-9.15 – Stephen
Thurs  May 31st - 6.15-9.15 – Eoghan