Warm up game -

The Dirty Dozen in Group 2 (AIB) are looking for a warm up match before the tournament starts, so if any team wants a game next week and can play after 7.  Leave a message in the contact page and I will pass on your details.







Fixtures and Groups will be announced on the 15/04/2012

Majority of teams will play on their selected playing night (Tuesday or Thursday)

Group formation was decided based on the choosen playing night selected by each team captain/manager on the appliation form




2012 update


If you are a player and would like to play and don't have a team, please get in touch.




Kobra Bar Drinks

To bring the social element into the tournament & in association with Kobra Bar on Lesson St. complimentary drinks will be available to all players on the night of the final. 

Captains are to email me for their teams vouchers and more details.

Thanks to all for your participation in this years Interbanksoccer tournament and a BIG thank you to all Captains for their hard work in making it possible for all to play.


Thomas Buttle


Warm up Game

Nofolk Enchants of AIB are looking for a friendly before the league starts, any takers?

Please get in touch if interested. Tks Tom


Groups Announced

12 teams within 2 groups challenge each other to be the 2011 Interbank Champions.

Note: Groups & fixtures may be subject to change over the coming week or two.


Registration Update

The level of interest has been brilliant again this year and registration is just about complete, at the moment we are waiting for 2 teams to return their registration forms.

We will draw up preliminary fixtures shortly which will allow team managers to confirm that they can meet their fixtures before the final fixtures are set at the end of March.

We have 12 teams in to date and we are still open to more.




Registration Update

Well Lads,

To date, we have 10 teams registered so far which means only 2 places left.

Note to Team Managers: The early Kick- off times of 6:15 on both nights have been taken up.


Good News on the Social Front.

Kobra Bar on Lesson street has partnered with the Interbanksoccer League this year.

Each team will be given free drinks vouchers over the course of their league campaign.- more details to follow


2011 KICK's OFF

Well Folks,

Welcome back to another summer of long evenings playing a sport that will either make you as a team or break you.

Entry's are being taken early this year, so teams can get organised in time.

Same rules and same entry fee as last year.

Registration is open to all and limited to 12 spots, so those first in line will secure their spot.

For those who have not played before..

We generally recommend a squad of 15 players at 30 euros a man.

Game nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6.15 and 9.15 -

When registering you will have the option of selecting a night to play

Teams will then be placed in a Group based on their preferred playing night.

Once you have declared your interest in playing, a registration form will be sent out to you and we will ask for more details about your team.

League format-

6 teams in a group with the top 2 teams from each group going forward to the knock out rounds. 

Each knock out round, including the final is played over one match.

Format may change if we get more teams involved - i.e. similar to the year of 2009 when we had 18 teams playing.

If you are thinking of registering, I would recommend giving me a call during the day in order to get more details.  086  2145 222


Tom Buttle

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