The Final

At present, the final date for the PLATE & CUP is set for Thursday 9th July.

Having chatted to all teams captains involoved, it seems that each team will have 1-2 players away on holidays over the next two weeks. Making a change for one team puts out another team.

As such, the date remains set as orgnially scheduled, July 9th.

Also, the pitch is unavialble to reschedule in UCD.

There are showers and changing rooms are availbale in the UCD sports centre.. Also, there is a new club house bar in UCD that sells 3 beers for 10 euro and is a decent new venue. 



Semi Finals - Great Night of Football

EBS v  CITIBANK - Tense moments during the penalty shoot out..Fair paly to all players stepping up to the spot.

Well Done to AIB FC and EBS who will play against each other for the first time since the competition started in the INTERBANK CUP FINAL. AIB FC entering their third INTERBANK CUP FINAL and a first for EBS.

Well done to Duetsche and RCMU AIB to make the new INTERBANK PLATE final.


EBS V Citibank turned out to to be a cracker of match - both teams evenly matched on the both legs.

Both teams played excellant attacking football with plenty of near misses and even a saved penalty during the game.  Both goalkeepers and penaltys takers stepping up to the plate for a tense penalty shoot out... this is what the competitor is about..


Semi Final 2nd leg - its all to play for!!




Semi Finals - 1st Leg

Well done to AIB FC and RCMU AIB on winning there first leg games last night- both games were very competitive encounters 


Boots - Players are reminded that no studs, blades or moulded studs can be worn while playing in this competition. This is for players safetly as shin guards are not mandatory.

The ref will ask a player to change footwear or leave the game if spotted.

This rule is put in place to protect all players, yet it seems one or two players on a night still wear them. In the interest of fariness and respect to other players - This rule will be enforecd for the remaining games.




Group 1 

Well Done to RCMU AIB - A Big game last night to overcome a 2-0 goal difference in order to qualify for the Interbank Soccer Plate-  RCMU beat Banctec 6-2 - A great game to watch as captain Stephen Kelly of RCMU went all out on attack from kick off in order to qualify for the play off's.

Play off fixtures will be confrmed on Friday morning. Group 1 teams that through to the next round are:

Group 1

Interbank Soccer CUP



Interbank Soccer Plate




Week 5

Quality football played throughout  the competition to date. Keep it up, Gentlemen.

A big week for teams that are looking to enter the prestigious Interbanksoccer Cup playoffs.

There is also a big game in group 1 to decide who goes into the Interbank Plate Playoffs. Banctec V RCMU AIB. Best of luck to both teams. Which ever team is knocked out, more games will be scheduled for the team.

Well done to AIB FC and EBS as group winners -  a first for both teams since entering the competition 6 years ago.



Week 2

Group 1 has opened up for all teams. Quality games played on Tuesday night.

Iain Wycherly from Citibank scoring a penalty against Deutsche Bank - Citibank were 2-1 winners with Wycherly getting two goals. 

Group 2 - Scotiabank needed to rearrange a game for personall reasons, Their game aginst Aireslona is postponed to June 9th. Kick off 9:00.

EBS took on a Ulster Bank,  however last years champions were missing their two key midfielders, no doubt the next game will not be as high scoring. 5-1 to EBS. 


Week 1

Game week 1

Great games from all teams involved in week 1- Solid display from Banctec, EBS and Scotiabank.

Iain Wycherly and Citibank new entrants gave an impressive performanc against AIB FC.



Unfortunately ATHLETICO (BANK OF IRELAND)- Ballsbridge could note commit a team that would be available every week. They are very sorry for the inconvenience and wish the best of luck with the tournament to all teams involved.

As a result, Group 2 now has 4 teams and each gameweek will be competitive.


A Note from behind the Whistle!

Stephen, Philip and Eoghan, your referees, are back again to referee the Interbank Soccer 2015. Last year was a great competition, and the guys aim to improve the standard of refereeing every year.

Their goals are to be fair and consistent with all decisions made in each game.

Below is general observations that have been picked up on from last year and team managers need to understand the referees decisions and there approach to the league.


All three referees are very well aware of the laws of the game and there job is to enforce the laws of the game. For the interbank league, The referees will use discretion to ensure that the games continue to flow, but the following football association rules will be applied in each game:

The throw – in. The thrower at the moment of delivering the ball must

- faces the field of play
- has part of each foot either on the touch line or on the ground outside the touch line
- holds the ball with both hands
- delivers the ball from behind and over his head
- delivers the ball from the point where it left the field of play

All opponents must stand no less than 2 m (2 yds) from the point at which the throw-in is taken.

Please note, for the referee it can be difficult to strictly enforce this rule every time and may slow the game down. As such, the referree will tend to make a judgement at each play. If they think someone has taken an unfair advantage by not following the rules, the player will be pulled up on it.

The hand-ball rule. In the Inter-bank league, players are not as co-ordinated, as professionals, so bear in mind that sometimes even when someone’s hand is ‘away from their body’ as the pundits say, there can be no intent to the hand-ball. The referee will give the benefit of the doubt where possible, but again this will be a judgement call by the referee.

Footwear – for the benefit of everyone, please note that the referee will not allow anyone to play wearing studded boots or blades. Everyone knows what this means, but every year some players try to argue with us over them. Astro trainers are what we would personally recommend.

Shinguards. All the referees strongly feel that these should be mandatory equipment, but players who choose not to wear them should be aware that an incidental contact to their shin is not necessarily a free kick just because it hurts.

Slide tackles – as you know, slide tackles are not permitted in the Inter-bank league. There is always some question of when a block or a slip becomes a slide. The referees will always do his best to be consistent – the question of intent will be important, but this requires the referee to make a judgement call every time. Please note that a slide tackle will result in an indirect free kick unless the tackle is also a foul in which case we will award a direct free kick or a penalty as appropriate.

We strongly suggest that all teams get hold of one or two high quality footballs (these usually cost more than a fiver – look for the ‘Fifa approved’ logo) and that they keep them fully inflated. We will use the best footballs available to us for each game, but a poor quality ball can make a game considerably harder to referee. 

Finally, please remember that we are always doing our best, and none of the referees have any interest in who wins or loses. We know that you and your players will be respectful and understanding, and we thank you in advance for accepting our decisions without too much complaint.
Thanks for taking the time to read, and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch.

In sport,

Thomas, Stephen, Eoghan and Philip.