Interbanksoccer Terms & Conditions - 2018



  • By playing in the Interbank soccer competition, each individual and team member accepts responsibility to read and abide by the competition rules as posted on this website.
  • Teams Managers & Captains are responsible for the behaviour of their team and payment of full entry fee in advance.
  • In the interest of fairness, No pro or semi-pro players under contract are allowed to participate in Interbank soccer event.
  • All players must be registered via the Interbank soccer application form prior to the compeition start date.
  • Any team fielding an ineligible player may automatically be deducted league table points.  It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to ensure all players are eligible and subject to the organiser approval.
  • All games will be refereed and the referees decision is final.  The Interbank soccer organiser reserves the right to act appropriately if a player does not compete in a sportsmanlike manner.  This includes the expulsion of any player or team.
  • Game cancellations will be actively discouraged.  Cancellation rules include:

     a) Any team that fails to show on two occasions will be dismissed from the league,

     b) Notice is served by a minimum of 2 days in advance of scheduled kick off via

     c) Your team will automatically forfeit a game if you cannot field a team for a fixture.  

  • Please Note:  League rules are for the players benefit; all players/teams must coordinate their own or team insurance.  No liability for injury or property loss will be held by UCD Sport Centre, your employer or the Interbank soccer organiser.
  • The Interbank soccer Coordinator strongly recommends that all entrants should take out their own Personal Accident Insurance Policy.  This interbanksoccer event does not provide insurance or cover for players.  By entering a team into the competition, all teams accept the events policy on insurance.
  • All attempts will be made to facilitate your preferred playing standard of soccer, however because of demand for certain nights by teams of a mixed standard, we cannot guarantee that you will always play against teams of your preferred standard.
  • There is limited availability for team registration and groups will be arranged on a first come first serve basis.  However depending on demand, you may be requested to play on a different night to your preferred night.
  • The Interbank soccer organiser reserves the right to exclude any player, team or organisation from any of its events, competitions, and matches.
  • Refund & Cancellation Policy

      -    Entry Fee must be paid by each team before league start date.
      -    Entry Fee will not be refunded to a disqualified team for any reason.


  • Teams are entitled to cancel their registration within fourteen days of payment with a full refund providing they have given fourteen days notice of their intention to cancel prior to the start of the Interbanksoccer competition they have entered.
  • Insurance - The Interbanksoccer organiser takes no responsibility for any injuries/harm incurred to players while playing in the league. This has been confirmed by legal counsel and does not infringe on any rights.
  • While this is intended to be a highly competitive league it is expected that the friendly nature of the league will be respected by all teams.  If a team is found to be continually disruptive, a formal warning will be issued, followed by dismissal from the league if the offending team persists. Violent or abusive behaviour constitutes a breach of this fair play directive. Above all, this league has been formed for the enjoyment of those involved; the continuation of that enjoyment is the organisers priority. 
  • Enjoy and Best of Luck to each Team.........Thomas Buttle - Interbank soccer Co-ordinator